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Fair Trade!

Fresh seasonal/locally sourced ingredients whenever possible.

Divinely Decadent!

Nutritionally dense!

Custom Intensely Chocolate Truffles

Alchemy of Flavor

Made to Order.


...the texture is to die for and the rich flavor sits deliciously in the mouth. Magnolia is a personal favorite, easily one of the best truffles I've ever had.

-Brett Cherry

Love the truffles that I bought! The flavors are unique and the texture is amazing!

-Christopher Ragan

...the accent added by raspberry is astounding and allows a state of bliss... I strongly recommend this truffle.

-Christopher Birdz VanPutten

These truffles are truly a luxurious treat. Each one has such a distinct and unique flavor, and they are all delicious. Even better, these are dairy free and can be enjoyed by vegans as well! My friends and I love to split a variety box and do a tasting, comparing thoughts on each flavor. If you like chocolate, you will absolutely love these as a special indulgence after dinner or on their own!     -Kelley H.

         Customer, Ballard Market



Azula is kind and thoughtful about the quality and simple ingredients in her magical truffles! These truffles are unlike anything we have ever tasted before and each flavor is incredible and unique! Could not recommend more!!! One of our favorite stops at the Ballard market

Thank you!! 


     Customer, Ballard Market



Welcome to 2022

How lucky am I to have access to these amazing chocolates anytime I'm at the Ballard Market. These are chocolates to experience and relish fresh (or freeze them properly). The dark chocolatiness is intense without being bitter and the flavor is a hint in the background that enhances each truffle. Their smoothness strikes the perfect balance of melt-in-your-mouth creaminess with the perfect amount of firmness. For me, these aren't a snack, they are an experience and I always make sure I can sit and enjoy them without rushing about. I usually cut them in halves or quarters and stretch out the moment.


     Customer, Ballard Market