Our Truffles

The Mighty Truffle specializes in tantalizing flavor profiles designed to delight your palate and enliven your senses, with desserts made for enhancing health & vitality.


Main Ingredients: 

All of our truffles begin with our original "Intensely Chocolate" recipe, made with all-organic ingredients:  fair trade cacao butter/powder, raw vanilla powder, extra-virgin coconut oil, & high-grade maple syrup. Our batches highlight the artisanal ingredients of the Pacific Northwest , but are virtually infinite.


Our truffles are made fresh- If you do wish to store them:

Fridge: They are best kept up to 2-3 weeks to 1 month in the fridge Please bring to FULL room temp for flavor and optimal enjoyment

 Freezer: Our truffles freeze beautifully for up to 3 months

Please bring to FULL room temp for optimal flavor and enjoyment