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Options for Custom Blends created uniquely by you,  or,  we offer our in-house, Current batches.

Please read all of our information on our selections below, as well to click below to order. 

Custom Blends

Custom Blends will come as an order of 60 truffles.

Each unique blend is customized by you.

Remember, Good things take time.

Especially working with ingredients with integrity.
Organic is currently one way of ensuring this, but mostly when it is a smaller producer. Wild-crafted, and bio-dynamic farms and farmers are closer to full integrity, as the farmer/ crafter is directly responsive to both the land, and the customer who supports that connection.

Why Custom?


Mainly, to create a unique, special experience for:


-Private parties and special occasions


-Corporate Gifting


-Restaurant, boutique, hotel or spa clientele: delicious and memorable experience with your establishment. 


It may be straightforward, like incorporating a “ready to go” ingredient like your favorite whisky, liqueur, or single unique ingredient, or, it may be a blend of some flavors/ingredients that are completely unique.

No matter what, we want to make sure you get what you want, and that you, your clients and your guests will roll their eyes in delight and mutter “wow, that’s amazing” under their breath.

We offer the option of Private Labels for an additional charge.

If Private Label is chosen, please send jpeg. or png. file to our email: themightytruffle@gmail.com after your order form submission.



Get some ideas by looking at what we have available.
Savory is absolutely possible.Think salted whisky, or salted rosemary, rose salt on pinot noir, fennel salt on blood orange.

Current Flavors




(Delivery available in West Seattle, Ballard/Seattle, and on Vashon if I have enough orders, please inquire in notes on Paypal checkout if you are interested)

#1: One box of 6 truffles


$26 ea

plus $7.65 shipping


#2 Two or more boxes of 6 truffles


 $24 ea.

Shipping: $7.65

Please calculate:

 #boxes x $24each

and add $7.65 shipping)

#3 Heart Shaped Mix Boxes of 10 ( 2-3 each flavor)


$40 ea

Please calculate: 

#boxes x $40ea 

and add $7.65 shipping



Do you have a skill, create a product, offer a service?  let me know. I may be able to trade with you, online, or via drop-off site/delivery. themightytruffle@gmail.com

Current truffles:​​​

( Others to come )

  • Adaptogen Herb Blend: ( May contain some or all organic fair trade herbs) Ashwaganda, Astragalus, Maca, Mesquite, Camu Camu, Shatavari, Lucuma, Mesquite, Shilajit ( from Purblack, one of the highest grades of Shilajit made, with complete integrity in sourcing, testing and packaging) Other herbs from Mountain Rose Herbs, ( see partners section) BanyanBotanicals, and several others. Happy to answer any questions. Please email me: Themightytruffle@gmail.com

  • Magnolia*

  • Jasmine* 

  • Cardamom

  • Roasted Pecan w/smoked salt

  • Roasted Hazelnut w/smoked salt

*Pure plant essences from Mandy Aftel's Aftelier Chef's Essence Collection 

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