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This page will provide you with additional resources for information regarding the intersections in our lives of "fair", transparent, direct trade, food as medicine, regenerative farming, human and environmental health, as well as rethinking and our approach and relationship to all of these things in order to actually sustain life on earth for the coming generations.

HIGHLY SUGGESTED READING for anyone who supports fair-trade/artisan bean to bar and other chocolates by purchasing and eating them: 


Bitter Chocolate by Carol Off


Read on if you'd like to deepen the conversation -- and come back again as this page evolves into a more comprehensive collection of pertinent resources for your perusal and enjoyment.


Cacao is one of the most complex plants on the planet. It's polyphenol ( basically the plant's immune system and bio-chemical active compounds) profiles have yet to become completely documented. It combines very well with a whole host of other "superfoods" and tonic herbs that pack a nutritional punch, aid the body in processing toxins and stressors, and provide many cultures a viable way to keep their own living food, farming, and culture systems sustainable, yet organically evolving. This of course, is when all parties involved act in their integrity to bring these things "to market".


With our current point of reference developed over years of studying soil and food systems, diet, health, nutrition, and optimum well-being in general, we see that everything, and the amounts thereof, that we choose put into our bodies either enhances, or detracts, from our potential towards optimal health and longevity.  Education, knowledge, balance and moderation are key. Sometimes gluten and dairy intolerances can be healed through a reset, sometimes, it remains an acute situation, and a longer-term health and diet plan is needed. 


When it comes to sugar, for many people, a reset is needed. Many times this means the body needs to stop consuming ANY sugars what soever, so it can re-adjust and recalibrate to optimal levels of functioning.  The effects of too much consumption of any form of sugar in quantities of over 25 grams per day have been shown to produce a cascade of health effects directly contributing to a whole host of chronic debhilitating diseases. 


Very few foods are inherently "bad" - it is their overconsumption, processing, chemical additives that put an undue load on our glands, organs,  and other bodily systems. 


Sometimes healing the body this means adhering to a strict diet for a while, or a cleanse. The potential benefits of cleansing, and/or doing a "reset" through diet and nutrition ALWAYS outweigh the the consequences of not paying attention to the messages our bodies are trying desperatley to get through to us!