Always 100% Vegan, Paleo, Keto-Friendly

Fair -trade, All-Organic or Wild-Crafted Ingredints, Dairy, Gluten, Processed Sugar-free

Intensely Chocolate Truffles Always begin with...​

  • ethically traded cacao butter*

  • ethically traded extra virgin coconut oil*

  • US high grade ( used to be Grade B) maple sap*

  • ethically traded cacao powder* 

  • wild-crafted ethically traded raw vanilla powder sea salt

  • Celtic Sea Salt

*Certified Organic Ingredient


Currently working with Dutch Processed cacao powder from D'Agostini, one of the first companies in the world to operate first and foremost from ethical business relationships, and fair trade practices, as well as supporting the cacao farmers with maintaining and growing organic and sustainable methods of farming.

UPDATE 2022:  As we have known for years, many companies have been giving lip service to exactly how they source their "fair trade" cacao, or, worse yet, stating they are aware of the issue of forced child labor, and "doing everything they can" to "address the issue". Not good enough. 20 years after many companies pledged to end these labor issues, the problems are are rampant as ever as demand for an endangered plant contines to increase.
Please read the following articles, educate yourselves and make your opinions, along with your purchasing choices known. YOU hold the power 
Demand your local retailers look deeply into the issue, and become a part of the solution. 

The cacao "trade" is also a morass of smoke and mirrors dating far back into the beginning of slave labor and brutal colonization. There's just no comfortable PC way of putting it. Governments and tribes manipulating each other, warring against each other over resources, those same resources that make millions and billions for middlemen and large corporations who hide behind excuse after excuse and looking the other way. 

It is all part and parcel of a global economic paradigm that has built an empire on externalized costs. 

Thank you to the wave of consciousness across this beautiful planet, seeing the suffering, refusing to look the other way, and doing what you can to stop it. There is a better way. 





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Cacao Butter

Our cacao butter comes from Hummingbird Wholesale, one of the oldest organic companies with strict sourcing standards for quality and fair and ethical trade. 

Raw Vanilla

Sunny Day Organics is owned by two young people – Laura and Kristjan of Portland, OR.The idea for this organic company was born when they were struggling to find pure food on our table. In their own words:

"There were thousands of products we were interested in purchasing and there was no good way to make sure that the sellers provided us with the highest quality, organic products. The best solution was to look for the roots and contact the people actually growing organic food. We were successful and our first product is Ground Vanilla Bean that we can absolutely assure through thorough research, that it’s 100% organically grown. We’re excited to use this pure food in our kitchen every day. We make sure that our products are organic and gluten-free. We both have gluten-sensitivity which makes it really important aspect as we consume the stuff we provide for You. Sunny Day Organics' products are purchased at fair trade prices from other family owned businesses"


Maple Syrup

We use an Organic Maple Syrup from a family-owned 600-acre tree farm located in Vermont. Over the last 35 years they have grown to become a company known for producing award-winning maple products, while building long-term relationships with other producers who share a vision of forest stewardship. Recently the International Maple Syrup Institute created a labeling system that unifies the grading of maple syrup. People will have a better idea of what kind of syrup they are buying based on taste as opposed to perceived level of quality. Pure maple syrup will all be labeled Grade A.


Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

The coconuts used to make the Organic Unrefined, Extra Virgin Coconut Oil I use come from independent small scale farmers who contract with a manufacturer for weekly or bi-monthly deliveries of their organic and fair traded coconuts in the Philippines. Farmers hand-select and cut each mature coconut with a long-handled knife, de-husk each coconut to expose its smooth outer shell and then quickly transport the harvested nuts to a nearby production facility. The coconut is dried before processing.

FRENCH sea salt2.jpg

Celtic Sea Salt

We can go more local for salt, and we probably will. However, the art, and the culture of the "saunier" in France, is a dying one, and deserves rapt attention for many reasons, and an unduly long ingredient description, for the time being. Do you know how salt is "made"? This, is a beautiful story: 


The Isle of Noirmoutier is famous for its sea salt. Two-thirds of it is sea marsh. Situated in the Bay of Biscay in the Vendee region, the Isle is connected to the continent by the Gois Causeway. The sunny, almost tropical climate and constant gentle dry winds that assist evaporation make Noirmoutier ideal for producing it. The Isle is a national nature preserve and environmentally protected. The name Noirmoutier means 'black monastery' derived from the black robed monks who inhabited the island in medieval times. They're credited as first to hand harvest salt there using Celtic methods that remain largely unchanged today.


Atlantic waters flow into Noirmoutier's rectangular, hard sun-baked man-made clay pools. Two days of evaporation from sun and wind create large coarse crystals called 'sel gros'. The crystals are light gray from the clay. They are harvested by the 'saunier' or salt harvester using long rakes to gather the crystals. Using strong, swift strokes the saunier draws crystals to one side of the pool. Every two days the saunier collects small amounts and adds it to the pile that becomes several feet high as the harvest season progresses. The coarse salt is dried and stone ground to medium size to produce EDEN Sea Salt. No further processing, washing, or additives are involved, and it is never blended. This traditional Celtic process seals in a wealth of trace elements and produces the most delicious sea salt in the world.

Noirmoutier islanders take pride in the purity and taste of their salt, just as citizens of Bordeaux take pride in their wine. Their craft has been handed down through generations and the island possesses unique qualities producing one of the most exquisite salts in the world. EDEN Sea Salt is certified by ACTOA (L'Association de Controle Tiers Ouest Atlantique), "Selection du Saunier." This organization certifies that the region of Noirmoutier maintains a pure, unpolluted environment suitable for organic agriculture and also respects the Standards of Salt.

The market is awash with imitation sea salts that have little in common with the likes of EDEN sea salts. Almost all food processors use these because they're so cheap in comparison and they can get away with it. The difference is the taste, nutrients, and physiological effects.

EDEN Sea Salt is lower in sodium and higher in calcium than other salts. This gives a smooth, savory flavor. It is sea salt in its natural state with trace elements almost identical to the sea. Iodine is not stripped out and then 'fortified' back in. EDEN Sea Salt is packed in glass to protect it from absorbing moisture.