"Let Thy Food by Thy Medicine"

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There can be no overstatement that food is medicine for the mind, the body, and the spirit. Food, and the preparing and consuming of food in community, is some of the best, and the most delicious, medicine. We must continue to learn about and call for integrity in our food systems. We must make the conscious decisions to source as much food as possible from local producers and to grow our own gardens, as well a support fair and direct-trade initiatives in the rest of the world.


When we do purchase an "indulgence" like chocolate, we need to think about how and where it's produced and by whom. Is our purchase contributing to our health and well-being and that of the people and land where it originated? What then does money actually truly mean when making informed choices/purchases?


Health and well-being are life-long journeys that require a willingness to take responsibility for the decisions we make. Do we choose to continue to learn, and to practice self-care and self-respsect, while appreciating the journies of others? From there, we must be willing to change what no longer serves us. We can all thrive on large healthy doses of community, enjoyment and fun in the process.

The Mighty Truffle is Honored to have participated regularly in these and many other lovely markets and events:

Washington Women Stars of Food and Wine, Seattle Uncorked

2017, 2018

Bellevue Farmers Market at the Microsoft Commons

2018 -2019

Vashon Farmers Market


Ballard Farmers Market

Current Vendor

Edmonds Farmers Market

Current Vendor